Airport Accidents

Millions of passengers come through airports. Though numerous safety measures are taken, there are always chances of accidents and injury here; slip and fall airport accidents being the most common.

Common Airport Accidents

Most large airports are spread over acres of land and there are numerous spots, both inside and outside, where passengers are likely to slip and fall. It is the duty of the airport authorities to ensure that all these areas are maintained well, which will give the passengers and workers a safe space to move around in. But slip and fall airport accidents can still happen, and the most common ones are:

The serious slip and fall injuries that people encounter very commonly at the airport are also the deadliest. These result in millions of emergencies and thousands of deaths, and elderly people are the most vulnerable. Every year millions have to seek medical attention due to injuries sustained due to dangerous conditions at the airport.

Common Airport Accident Injuries

We know that these slips and falls can lead to grievous injuries, huge medical expenses, ongoing medical requirement and loss of wages. In addition to all of these, the victims also go through a lot of anguish and common injuries associated with slips and falls are:

Southern California Airport Accident Lawyer

If you or any family member or friend has met with any kind of airport accidents, you might be eligible for compensation for medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering. We also handle cases that are related to wrongful death because of a fall injury at an airport. Speak with an experienced Southern California airport accident attorney from Golden & Timbol even before you speak with your insurance company and we will provide you with the sound advice and the best legal services. We will work hard to help you or your loved one receive fair compensation for all airport accident related expenses and injuries. Call us at 1-888-450-1021 or 1-714-379-1101 or fill out our online contact form.