Social Security Disability Claims

If you are disabled and denied your rightful Social Security disability benefits, you should hire the services of an experienced and skilled Southern California Social Security Disability Claims Attorney. When you are unable to provide for your family due to your disability, you and your loved ones can go through many hardships and stress. Our law firm is renowned for the excellent legal services we provide for cases such as yours. Our attorneys have years of experience in helping individuals such as yourself receive the benefits that are rightfully yours.

The Law Offices of Golden & Timbol, located in Southern California, is well-known for the great team of lawyers we have. Every attorney is well-versed and experienced in dealing with different types of cases, including SSD and SSI ones. We always advise our clients to act promptly for SSD claims as the process can be time-consuming. Our social security attorneys have achieved high success in achieving positive results for clients and you too can be one of the clients who gains the disability compensation that you deserve.

The Legal Services We Offer

Our firm has dedicated, compassionate and motivated lawyers who understand your need to have income to support your family in spite of your disability. When you hire a Social Security Disability Claims Attorney from our firm, you can be certain that he/she will strive to make sure that you gain your benefits promptly. If you want a increased chance of winning your claims case, we urge you to contact our firm before filing your Social Security Disability claims application.

Our Southern California lawyers will help and guide you through each process of the application filing. They will also answer any questions that you may have about the entire procedure to gain SSD benefits. We understand that disabilities of any kind can affect your life as well as the lives of everyone you love. We pride ourselves in keeping ourselves up-to-date on all advancements and changes in laws pertaining to Social Security. Our law firm is always concerned about our clients’ welfare and we put their needs first and foremost.

Southern California Social Security Disability Claims Attorney

Like many other people, you may believe that you can handle Social Security Disability claims in your own but we are here to tell you that having an experienced and educated legal representative will provide you with a much higher chance of gaining benefits.

To learn more or make an appointment with a top Southern California Social Security Disability Claims Attorney, call Golden & Timbol at 1-888-450-1021 or fill out our online contact form.