Have you gone through an experience of discrimination or harassment in the work place? Do you know someone who has? If your answer is yes, you should get the help of an experienced Southern California Discrimination/Harassment Attorney from Golden & Timbol to take action against your employer. The moment that you feel that you are being discriminated against due to your race, age, gender, disability or even pregnancy, you should take a stand and look for legal representation from our firm’s team of renowned and skilled lawyers.

How Golden & Timbol Can Help You

Firstly, one of the major concerns of most of our discrimination/harassment clients in Southern California is not being able to prove that they are indeed being discriminated against or harassed. We can help you find many ways to collect and establish proof of discrimination or harassment and we will also help in taking steps towards taking legal action against your employer.

When you have chosen a Discrimination/Harassment Attorney from our firm, he/she will make sure to thoroughly go through every detail of your statement, find witnesses to testify about the discrimination or harassment and go through the history of the company you work for to see if there have been other cases such as yours in the past. You can be sure that your attorney will leave no stone unturned to help you. With a strong case, we will make sure that you win your case and get your rightful compensation in or out of the court room.

Why Choose Us?

Our law firm is renowned in every field of law and we have always been dedicated to providing the best legal services to clients from Southern California and beyond. Our attorneys specialize in different areas of law and each is experienced and skilled. We pride ourselves in always making sure that our clients get justice and fair settlements in all claims cases. We are a team that always ensures that victims of discrimination and harassment are well-compensated for all the hard times that they had to endure during their employment.

Southern California Discrimination/Harassment Attorney

To make sure that your case is won, it is imperative that you hire the services of a Discrimination/Harassment Attorney who has prior experience in cases like yours, and a high success rate. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your case is the most capable hands, and that you are getting the best legal representation. We are confident that you will find such a lawyer among Golden & Timbol’s team of successful, experienced and skilled lawyers. Call us at 1-888-450-1021 or fill out our online contact form.