Bus Accidents

Commercial bus, city bus and school bus accidents can cause massive injuries and even result in the death of innocent victims. For anyone who is not aware of all the technicalities, it might seem that all these cases are very similar, but the laws often depend on things like the type of bus that was involved in the accident. To wade through the different laws, you will need the help of a Southern California Bus Accidents Attorney. At Golden & Timbol, we have experienced lawyers in Southern Californiathat will be able to handle all of your personal injury claims that arise from bus accidents.

Complex Laws

We have represented hundreds of victims of bus accidents, and we also thoroughly understand the regulations and complex laws that affect the operation of different kinds of private and public buses. We can tell you just how these laws will impact your case. The case law and statutes that concern bus accident liability in Southern California are very complicated and only an experienced and well–established Bus Accidents Attorney will be able to identify exactly which laws apply in a particular bus accident case.

At Golden & Timbol, we can provide you with sound advice regarding the statutes of limitations, deadlines, and the laws that are applicable to various common carriers. If you or your loved one have been involved in a bus accident, contact us to be represented by a knowledgeable Bus Accidents Attorney in Southern California.

Southern California Bus Accident Lawyer

Whenever a person is injured due to any negligent acts of the commercial, school, or city bus driver, the victim can claim damages. The same holds true if the owner of the vehicle has failed to repair and maintain a public bus properly. Some of the worst road accidents involve commercial buses, and members of the public, passengers and bystanders might be injured in the accident.

This kind of a case will also be governed by different laws and will have to be tackled differently to achieve the best outcome. Once we understand your case, we will then ensure that your case is presented in court in the most effective way, and that we get the proper compensation for you.  Contact  our Southern California Bus Accidents Attorneys at 1-888-450-1021 for a free, confidential consultation.